The CIMA Professional Qualification  

Management accountants analyse information to advise strategy and drive sustainable business success. Anyone can study the CIMA qualification, whether they’re new to finance and business or an experienced professional.

CIMA’s objective in designing the syllabus is to enhance the employability of students and members.  It intends to create a learning system that enables learners to acquire skills, competencies, and mindsets that are in high demand by employers. This has never been more important, with the pace of change increasing and traditional roles being redefined by technology and digital advances.

CIMA Fundamentals Level
The Fundamentals Level provides fundamental knowledge on areas such as financial accounting, management accounting, economics, ethics and corporate governance

CIMA Operation Level
The operational level focuses on short-term decision-making. You’ll be able to work with others in your organisation and use appropriate data and technology to translate medium-term decisions into short-term, actionable plans.

CIMA Management Level
The management level focuses on translating long-term decisions into medium-term plans. You’ll be able to use data and relevant technology to manage organisational and individual performance, allocate resources to implement decisions, monitor and report implementation of decisions, and prepare and interpret financial statements to highlight business performance.