Complete Learning Pack - CMA Part 2

For Exams until October 2024

What makes CMA exams so challenging?

CMA (USA) is indeed a challenging qualification.  Low pass rates have several reasons for students coming from different academic and professional backgrounds.

In this video, our expert tutor, Mr. Emad based on his extensive experience, has explained why students fail CMA exams.

Course Overview: CMA (USA) Part 2 
A complete course on Strategic Financial Management
This is an advanced course that covers multiple competencies expected from accounting and finance professionals in today’s world.
This course will help you to make critical decisions, safeguard a company’s integrity, and plan for business sustainability, apart from driving an organization’s strategy and value amid an unpredictable market.

Who Should Apply for This Course?
This course is recommended for all accounting and finance professionals who want to get a globally recognised certification in the least possible time.

Learning Outcome
This is a comprehensive course covering areas like financial statement analysis, corporate finance, decision analysis, risk management, investment decisions, and professional ethics.
Trusted globally
This complete learning pack has been selected by finance professionals from more than 18 countries, including Afghanistan, Albania, Austria, Bahrain, Germany, India, Jamaica, Kuwait, Mauritius, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Uganda, the UAE, the UK, and the USA.

About CMA exams in 2023 and 2024
CMA is the flagship qualification of IMA-USA. It has two exams. Exams are held three times a year: in January or February, May or June, and September or October.

Exams are conducted at Prometric testing centres, and results are announced in six weeks’ time.  Upon passing both exams (pass marks are 72%), candidates are awarded CMA certification by IMA USA, which is recognised in over 150 countries in the world. CMA certification is considered very valuable by employers globally, and it enhances not only your knowledge but also strengthens your CV and gives a boost to your career in the finance arena.

How to Prepare and Pass Exam in First Attempt
In order to successfully pass this exam on your first attempt, you need to spend approximately 160 to 180 hours.  This means that a weekly effort of approximately ten hours is required for a period of four months.

Is this course enough to prepare for and pass the CMA exams?
The resources provided by Vertex as part of each CMA course are enough to confidently prepare for and pass your exams.  We provide detailed video lectures for the complete syllabus, video lectures for short questions, and video lectures for essay questions.

Our academic team, under the supervision of our trainers, is involved in improving existing content as well as adding additional content, which makes our course content up-to-date and in line with CMA examination requirements.

Exam Structure for CMA Part 2 (Strategic Financial Management)

Financial Statement Analysis (20%)
Corporate Finance (20%)
Decision Analysis (25%)
Risk Management (10%)
Investment Decisions (10%)
Professional Ethics (15%)

How this Course Benefits CMA Students

This course covers complete syllabus of CMA Part 1 exam as prescribed by IMA-USA.  

The course includes detailed topic lectures, extensive practice question videos and online quizzes plus tutor support.

How This Course Benefits Finance Professionals
It is a detailed course on topics like Financial Reporting, Budgeting & Data Analytics and it is an excellent resource to enhance the knowledge of finance professionals.

The course includes over 70 hours of video lectures as well as it includes topic summaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no specific minimum education required. University students can also join CMA and complete it along with their academic degree. That's the reason there is a separate membership tier for academic members also.

To earn CMA Certification you need to pass two exams namely CMA Part 1 and CMA Part 2 and prove that you have a minimum of two years working experience in accounting, finance or related field.

Work experience is not needed to take exams. However, after your CMA exams and then to claim certificate you have to show 2 years experience in accounting or related field.

If you are a full time student you can complete CMA within 6 months. For working professionals, it can be done maximum within a year.

There are 3 types of costs involved:
1. IMA membership fees which is renewable every year. ($280)
2. CMA entrance fees which is valid for 3 years i.e. you have 3 years to complete both exams. ($280)
3. Exam fees ($460 per exam)

The last is the tuition fee to prepare for your exams. This totally depends on where you get tuition. You may also think of preparing yourself and avoid the tuition cost at all.

Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

External financial reporting decisions (15%)
Planning, budgeting and forecasting (20%)
Performance management (20%) Cost management (15%)
Internal controls (15%)
Technology and Analytics (15%)

Strategic Financial Management

Financial statement analysis (20%)
Corporate finance (20%)
Decision analysis (25%)
Risk management (10%)
Investment decisions (10%)
Professional ethics (15%)

Exams are held 3 times during the year. Jan/Feb, May/Jun, Sep/Oct. Effectively you have 9 attempts during the 3 years to pass both exams. Exams are conducted in Prometric Testing Centers which are located all over the world.

Once you register for exam you get an authorization number which you can use on Prometric website to schedule your exam as per your preference during the 3 exam windows explained above.

We provide all the necessary resources such as lecture videos, question videos and notes to prepare and pass your exam. 


Course Curriculum

Facilitator Profile
Mr. Emad Gohar is an experienced facilitator for training assignments in the Middle East Region. He has over 10 years' experience in training, leadership development and management consulting.

A Public Sector Auditor based in Middle East, Mr. Emad holds 6 professional certifications. Previously, he worked for KPMG in external audit and he also held the position of Vice President for Business Development at IMA Qatar Chapter.

After successfully completing Faculty Training from IMA Leadership Academy – USA, he is currently serving on their Faculty Panel. He has also worked as an independent consultant and strategic advisor for a Middle East based firm which specializes in management & strategy consulting and corporate & asset valuation for a wide variety of areas, especially real estate and industrial businesses.

He has experience of training a wide range of qualifications and courses including CMA, ACCA and CIA. He is also awarded with Platinum Level Leader Award by IMA-USA for his contribution towards the management accounting profession.

Course Pricing

  • CMA Part 2 - One Year Acces
  • $79 USD

    Complete Learning Pack With Tutor Support

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  • One Year Acces
  • Detailed video lectures on complete syllabus
  • Extensive Essay and MCQs practice question videos
  • Smart Book - Complete Resource for Exam Preparation
  • Quizzes for all topics
  • Pre exam live sessions for additional exam practice questions
  • Tutor support on WhatsApp group
  • CMA Part 2 - Two Years Acces
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    Complete Learning Pack With Tutor Support

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  • Two Years Acces
  • Detailed video lectures on complete syllabus
  • Extensive Essay and MCQs practice question videos
  • Smart Book - Complete Resource for Exam Preparation
  • Quizzes for all topics
  • Pre exam live sessions for additional exam practice questions
  • Tutor support on WhatsApp group