Investment Appraisal - Capital Budgeting

A Complete Course on Investment Appraisal

- Accountants, finance specialists, managers, and other Accounting and Finance Professionals
- Entrepreneurs, non-finance managers, Business Owners, and start-ups
- Accounting and Finance students doing BBA, MBA, ACCA, CIMA, CPA, CFA, CAT, and ICAEW

All businesses make investment decisions, either short term or long term. Good consideration and attention must be paid when it comes to long term capital budgeting decisions, where a business or an individual is thinking of investing in a non-current asset, large or small, or even starting a new project.
Such decisions should not just depend on gut feelings or mere wishes of the decision maker; rather, they should be supported by rational calculations to see the financial impact of the decisions on an individual’s or organization’s wealth.

This course is designed to help individuals to master the skills needed to evaluate investment decisions, which we call capital budgeting in business.
The average duration of each lecture is approximately twenty minutes in order to explain the topic and give a few questions / examples to show the application of knowledge.  There are more than twenty topics touched on, but overall, it is about the financial impact of your decisions.
Apart from two long case studies, almost every lecture (with three exceptions) has question examples and solutions explained from real life scenarios.

- Payback Period,
- ROCE (Return on Capital Employed)
- Discounted Cash Flow - DCF
- Net Present Value - NPV
- Internal Rate of Return – IRR
- Allowing for Inflation in Project Appraisal
- Allowing for Taxation in Project Appraisal
- Specific Investment Decisions
- Project Appraisal in Risk
- Certainty Equivalents and Mutually Exclusive Projects
- Probability Analysis in Project Appraisal
- Lease or Buy Decisions
- Asset Replacement Decisions
- Equivalent Annual Benefits in Mutually Exclusive Projects
- International Investment Decisions
- Adjusted Present Value
- Changing Risks in Investment Decisions

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