Our ACCA Students Share Their Experience 

 Vertex offers outstanding learning experience to its students.  

The state of the art online learning platform, quality and depth of lectures, short notes, online quizzes and  active tutor support make sure that students get well prepared and gain full
confidence before exams.

Students' Results and Feedback

 Our students have always shown outstanding results in their ACCA and CMA official exams. The results of our students have always
been higher than the global average pass rates announced by ACCA and CMA

We attribute this success to our hard working students, qualified and experienced tutors and the active support provided by the
academic and administrative support teams.

Questions to consider when choosing the tuition provider.

1. Do they cover complete syllabus in detail ?
2. Quality of lecture videos and exam practice question videos ?
3. Do they provide support materials such as short notes or other resources ?
4. Is there a testing system available and how efficient it is ?
5. Do tutors themselves engage with students and provide active support ?
6. What are the results of previous students and how do they rate their experience?
7. How stable and efficient is the online platform?
8. Finally, are courses fairly priced ?

See the results and feedback of our past students

You can see the results and reviews or feedback of our students in the following ways.

Option 1. Read reviews on Trustpilot which is a global leader in collecting reviews from users
across the globe.  Click to read reviews on Trustpilot

Option 2. Student reviews on individual course pages.  
Go to the course page and scroll down, below curriculum you can see reviews

Option 3. See our result announcements on our official Facebook page and read the
comments below the posts.  Links given below

ACCA March 2022 
Exam Session Results
We congratulate all of our students who passed their ACCA Exams in March 2022 exam session.
(This list is being updated as we receive more results)
Momen Qasim Nazir - 60
Valerie Edouard - 60
Saad Minhas - 58
Oodith Avish - 53
Taha Hashmi - 51
Satinder Kaur Dham 50  

Muteeb Anjum - 92
Ameer Khalid - 71
Musa Bah - 53
Muskan Khurana - 51

Irfan Ullah - 61
Mohammed Rahman - 58
Hamid Ahmad Yousafzai - 58

Mohamed Hamdy Ahmed Ali - 77
Ahmed Fariz - 72
Behroz Bahrami - 68
Ashish Basnet - 68
Erum Shoukat - 66
Rohan Kumar - 65
Hamza Waseem - 61
Mohammad Umer - 52
Mohammad Altamash - 54

Shaunak Karkera - 83
Mohammad Saif - 74
Bryan Saw - 67
Abdul Jamil Sherzad - 65
Ahmed Saleh Al Khadouri - 55
Muhammad Saquib - 54
Timothy Sudan - 53

Muhammad Talha - 62
Maha Taj Ali Khan - 61
Shovana Dahal - 60
Irham Thowfeek - 56
Ayesha Ibrahim - 51

Priyesh Jain - 81
Jamil u rehman - 72
Mohammad Mousavi - 68
Manvir Binning - 63
Philles Leah - 59
Ubaid Ullah - 53
Carol Samukelisiwe - 51
Nthatisi Joyce Mojaki - 51
Harsh Goel - 50

Vindra Samlal - 73
 Priyanshu  - 66
Abdul Razaque - 59
Tanija Singh - 54
Sethatho Gorata - 53
Jamil u Rehman - 52
Harsh Goel - 51
Nupur Chaudhuri - 50

Jamil ur Rehman - 69
Erum Naeem - 61

Suleman Hameed

I have found Vertex learning very effective, professional approach of Sir A. Bukhari is indeed remarkable.  I have taken ACCA F5, F9 and F with Vertex and currently attempting.

Ulfat Khan

Vertex learning solution is the best for ACCA learner and off course there is a great and best teacher M.Ali Buhari. I will suggest to go for vertex learning and prepare for ACCA.

M Ammar Sheikh

Vertex learning solutions provides an excellent and effective learning process for the students of ACCA in order to pass ACCA exams in the very first attempt.

Adnan Bin Yousuf

Any institute’s success is determined by the right connectivity between the teacher & students. Sir M.Ali is the best example of that.  You’ve made a positive difference in my life.