A Complete Course on IFRS

ACCA DipIFR - Diploma in International Financial Reporting

Video Lectures: App 52 Hours
Question Videos: App 47 Hours
Tutor Slides: Yes
Detailed Notes: Text Book & Detailed Tutor Notes
Online Quizzes: Every Chapter
Tutor Support: Active Support
Final Mock: One Included
Access Period: 1 or 2 Exam Sessions
Pre Exam Live Sessions: Yes

This is an advanced course on International Financial Reporting Standards which is equally beneficial for working accountants and finance professionals as well as for those who are planning to take ACCA Dip-IFR / ACCA Cert IFR exams.

The course aims at increasing your IFRS knowledge to an expert level. Whether you are a working professional intending to increase your IFRS knowledge or you are planning to take ACCA Diploma in IFRS exam, this course is best suited to your needs.

The ACCA Dip-IFR or "ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting" is an international diploma certifying proficiency in IFRS, issued by the world's largest accounting body, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Who Should Apply For This Course
This qualification is very much suitable for accounting professionals who want to get a globally recognized diploma in IFRS yet do not want to take all thirteen ACCA exams.  

Learning Outcome
Upon completion, participants develop knowledge and skills in understanding and applying International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) the conceptual framework in the preparation of financial statements of entities, including consolidated financial statements.

Best Seller IFRS Course
This IFRS  course by Syed Muhammad Ali is one of the most comprehensive IFRS courses you would find online.  
It has been rated as the "BEST SELLER IFRS COURSE" on IFRS and has been selected by many multi-nationals and fortune 500 companies for the
IFRS knowledge learning needs of their accounting and finance team members.

Why You Should Choose IFRS With Vertex Learning ?

 Vertex Learning is proud to have engaged Mr. Syed M Ali.  Mr. Syed Ali is one of earliest trainer for ACCA Dip-IFR in international market.

He is a corporate trainer and has provided IFRS training to over 200 corporate clients including Fortune 500 companies. His IFRS training course is a global best seller IFRS Course and is used by companies such as Amazon, Volkswagen, Disney, Nestlé, Reliance Group, Toyota Motors Vodafone and many others.

Since 2007, he has taught thousands of professional accountants and have helped them in securing their ACCA Diploma in IFRS.  He has exam focused approach and helps his students to pass the exam in the very first attempt. 

There are several reasons why ACCA students from over 80 countries prefer Vertex Learning Solutions.

1. Our ACCA courses include maximum content that you could find online.
2. Lectures are explained very well by our experienced tutors.  See the demo lectures.
3. All courses include exam focused detailed notes, online quizzes and one final mock exam.
4. You get outstanding tutor support on Telegram or WhatsApp groups.

We provide students with all the necessary resources to pass their ACCA exams.

We have been providing tuition to ACCA students since 2008.  Our pass rates exceed the global average pass rates announced by ACCA.  Please see the reviews and feedback of our students.

1. The course page (which you want to enroll)
2. Our Facebook page results and reviews - https://www.facebook.com/Vertex786
3. Trustpilot - https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/vls-online.com?utm_medium=trustbox&utm_source=MicroReviewCount

We believe that by just providing the content the job is not done.  Therefore, we try to engage our students in different ways;

1.  Day by Study Plans - Our detailed study plans provide detailed guidance on how to prepare for your exams.  Following the "Day by Day" study plan makes sure that you will  complete the preparation well in time without missing any key area.

2. Online community - students can post comments under each lecture and get response

3. WhatsApp groups - We have very active WhatsApp groups where students and tutors interact with each other

4. Free Webinars - We arrange several free webinars in the last month before exam.  These webinars are very helpful in concluding your course and getting ready for the final exams.

In order to take your ACCA Dip-IFR exam, you need to have;

1. Bachelors degree, in any field.

2. Three years experience in accounting and finance field.

Total fee payable to ACCA in order to take ACCA Dip-IFR diploma exam consists of two parts. 

1. Student registration fee - 65 GBP - payable upon submission of documents
2. Exam fee - 129 GBP - payable at the time of booking the exam.

Following documents are needed (Application process is complete on ACCA website and documents are uploaded to www.accaglobal.com)
1. Copy of photo ID or passport
2. Photograph
3. Copy of educational documents, such as a copy of your bachelors degree ot masters degree, whichever completed last
4. Expereince letter from employer stating that the participant has minimum three years work experience in accounting and finance department.  Position and job descirption is not important.  You may submit more than one experience certificate to show a total of minimum three years experience.

The complete exam preparation requires approximately 200 hours of effort. Most students complete their preparation in four months time, however as an exception some can take more or less time that stated here.

Global pass rates for Dip-IFR exam is approximately 45%. Vertex students show much higher pass rates. During the last 15 years our students have always shown over 60% pass rates.

In order to sit exams at a specific session, you will need to register for the DipIFR qualification online and upload all supporting documentation by the following registration closing date:

10 April 2023 (for the June 2023 exam session)  

Once registered you have until 1 May 2023 to access the exam planner via your myACCA account and enter for the exam.  

When you log in to your myACCA and choose ‘exam entry’, you will then select the country you want to sit your exam in. This will provide you with a list of available exam centres within that country, for that particular exam session

This  course covers complete syllabus of ACCA Diploma in IFRS Exam as prescribed by ACCA.

The course includes detailed topic lectures, extensive practice question videos, tutor slides, detailed notes, online quizzes plus tutor support.    This course is a global best seller course on IFRS and has above average pass rates.

 It is a detailed course in IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards and proves to be an excellent resource to refresh, enhance and improve the IFRS knowledge of working professionals.  The course includes over eigthy hours of video lectures on IAS and IFRS as well as it includes standards summaries to be used as supplementry reading material

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Gershom Siame


Fantastic lectures

1 week ago
Paul Verghese

Best course-True value for money!!

Ali Sir is an Angel sent from above!! He is a guiding star in the Accounting wilderness. God bless you Sir for your dedication, service and for your knowledge sharing which is so priceless! ..This course is the best thing that has happened to me!

2 months ago


I have never seen an intelligent teacher like Syed Muhammad Ali he is a super teacher I trying to make the most of IFRS lectures of sir but I wish these lectures were in my own language Urdu

2 months ago
Daniel Mupfigo


I think this is the best IFRS course for working professionals. The tutor posseses huge experience and knowledge on IFRS and he demonstartes that throughout the course. Very well structured course with detailed explanations and case studies.

2 months ago
Mohamed Elhadad


This is the best IFRS course I have taken so far. An expereinced faculty with high motivation and passion for teaching.

3 months ago
Vey Loeng Vey


Very well designed course for working professionals. Good refresher.

3 months ago
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ACCA Diploma in IFRS - Awarded by ACCA upon passing ACCA exam

Vertex Certificate in IFRS - Completion Certificate by Vertex upon
course completion

Syed Muhammad Ali has over twenty years of working experience. During the twenty years of his career he has worked in Auditing, Banking, Telecom and Oil and Gas sector in different countries.  He has got tremendous experience in Financial Reporting, Financial Management, Contract Management, Project Finance and Business Management.    

Apart from his professional career, Mr.  Ali has also been actively engaged in training and development of professionals since 2006.  During all these years, thousands of delegates have benefited from his knowledge and expertise.  He has exam focused approach helps his students to pass the exam in the very first attempt.  

He is a corporate trainer and has provided training courses  to over 200 corporate clients including Fortune 500 companies.   His Accounting & Finance Courses are used by companies such as  Amazon, Volkswagen, Disney, Nestlé, Reliance Group, Tata Motors, Toyota Motors, Vodafone and many others.
As a consultant he has worked on several projects including projects funded by the World Bank and the European Union.

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  • Complete Course on IFRS
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    ACCA Dip-IFR - Diploma in Int. Fin. Reporting

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  • One year access plus tutor support from the date of purchase
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  • Detailed video lectures on complete syllabus
  • Video lectures for exam questions and solutions
  • Exam focused short notes
  • Online community board to discuss topics
  • Whatsapp group to access the tutor
  • Final Mock Exam
  • Most popular
    Complete Course on IFRS
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    ACCA Dip-IFR - Diploma in Int. Fin. Reporting

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  • Three year access plus tutor support from the date of purchase
  • Regular update on materials
  • Detailed video lectures on complete syllabus
  • Video lectures for exam questions and solutions
  • Exam focused short notes
  • Online community board to discuss topics
  • Whatsapp group to access the tutor
  • Final Mock Exam