Microsoft Excel Level 1 and Level 2

MS Excel Essentials for Accounting and Finance Professionals

MS Excel Beginner to Intermediate Level

This Excel course is designed for people who are new to MS Excel and want to polish their skills in a short period of time.  The course starts with the very basics but then gradually takes you to more advanced features.  Financial modelling is an essential skill for accounting and finance professionals.

Today, Excel skills are marketable in almost every industry. Whether you’re in healthcare, IT, finance, business intelligence, or computer science, Excel skills can help you gain valuable insight through analysis. The more familiar you are with this powerful software, the more you can do for yourself and your organisation

* Master Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Intermediate Level
* Build a solid understanding on the Basics of Microsoft Excel
* Learn the most common Excel functions used in Office

Who Should Take This Course?
Beginner-level users
Intermediate-Level Users: users who have been using MS Excel for two years or more.

What You Will Learn From This Course
Introduction to MS Excel
Basic Functions that are frequently used
Key MS Excel formulas
Important excel formulas to create, sort and analyse data
Working with series of data
Transforming tables
Formatting the data and tables
Extracting data from tables
Smart formatting tables
Working with filters
Using cell references
Data sorting
Data Analysis
Working with and organising sheets, tables, and data extraction
Listing of unique data
Data inputs and dummy checks

Basics of MS Excel
For those who are new to MS Excel and wan to get familiar on how to using MS Excel in a short spam of time

Formulas and Functions
You will learn through practical exercises how to use the key Excel formulas and functions needed by the daily excel users.

Expert Users
Expert users will get plenty of examples about data sorting, data analysis, and solving the everyday challenges faced by the expert excel users.

Course Curriculum

Liliya Kirylenka (FCCA) is a qualified and experienced accounting and finance professional.  She has over a decade of experience working in one of the Big Four audit firms in assurance and financial advisory.  Liliya has also worked in a senior management position  and served in a multinational organization as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) She has excellent proven track record as an accounting professional.

Liliya Kirylenka is a nationwide position holder in her ACCA professional qualification in ACCA AFM (P4) exam.  Since 2017, she has been teaching different papers from ACCA qualification.  She has profound interest in Financial Management, Performance Management and Financial Reporting. 

Course Pricing

MS Excel Level 1 and Level 2

$18 USD

  • Essentials for Accounting and Finance Professionals

    • One year access to all course resources
    • Downloadble excel files
    • Detailed explanation by the tutor
    • Practical exercises to demonstrate key formulas and functions of MS Excel
    • Regular updates
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