Essentials For Finance Managers

Three Courses - Essentials For Finance Managers

Course Overview

This course is a combination of three different courses, all essential for current and future finance managers.  These courses cover the knowledge areas and tasks that finance managers face on a daily basis.  The package includes three courses.

1. Consolidated Financial Statements
2. Investment Appraisal / Capital Budgeting; and
3. Financial modeling in MS Excel

Learning and mastering these essential skills makes you stand out in your organization by demonstrating advanced level skills in these areas and
adding value to daily tasks through improved skills.

According to leading research organization Brandon Hall Group, 84% of organizations anticipate a shortfall of finance team leaders in the next 5 years. With education and training in these skills, you could be the next finance leader who helps close that gap.

Following Courses Are Included in the Package
You can see the demo lessons for these three individual courses by clicking these individual courses.

Consolidated Financial Statements

This a complete course on preparation of consolidated financial statements.

The course focuses on learning through practice questions and this the reason the course lecture videos are more than eighty percent on doing practice questions and exercises with detailed ....

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Investment Appraisal - Capital Budgeting

All businesses make investment decisions either short term or long term.

Good consideration and attention must be paid when it comes to long term capital budgeting decisions, where a business or an individual is thinking of investing in a Non Current Asset, large or small .....

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Financial Modelling in
MS Excel

Financial Modeling is an essential skill for accounting and finance professional.

It is very much in demand in the job market and is highly valued by employers. Our Financial Modeling training takes you from basics to professional level. This twenty hours training is based on ......

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