Additional Guidance For ACCA Students

This page provides several guidance videos for ACCA students.  We have put together separate short videos on different topics.  You can scroll and watch the videos relevant to your interests and purposes.

What is the best sequence of taking ACCA Exams ?

How much time is needed to complete the qualification?

ACCA Exam Preparation Techniques And Common Mistakes By Students
If you are preparing for ACCA exams then you must watch this video till end and avoid making mistakes which are common to most ACCA students.  

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ACCA Individual Courses

Full Access Subscription Plans - Our Subscription Plans offer access to all ACCA courses for better and faster exam preparation as many ACCA courses are linked to each other.  
You can get monthly / quarterly / annual subscription plans to get access to over 2000 ACCA videos and other exam preparation content.

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About ACCA MA (F2) - A brief overview about ACCA exam paper Management Accounting.  Course structure, exam format and best exam preparation techniques.

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About ACCA FA (F3) - An overview of ACCA F3 syllabus, exam structure important syllabus areas and how to prepare and pass your exam with high score.

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ACCA PM (F5) Performance Management - ACCA F5 is one of the most challenging exams in Applied Skills level and has the lowest pass rates.  

This paper requires very good understanding of management accounting and performance management concepts. The exam is usually very unpredictable and each questions comes with a scenario.  

The best way to pass this exam is to first truly understand the concepts and then practice them as much as possible.

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8. ACCA FR (F7) Financial Reporting - ACCA F7 has the longest syllabus among all applied skills papers and the exam is also usually very long.

Although the syllabus and exam is long however, we can say that most of the syllabus areas are not very difficult.  Special areas of attention are consolidation and interpretation of financial statements.  Students should practice to do time management during exam.

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9. ACCA FM (F9) Financial Management - F9 is one of the most interesting paper among applied skills papers.  F9 syllabus is also long and also challenging.

Tricky areas are investment appraisal, capital structure, business valuation and risk management.  To be successful in ACCA F9 exam students must do a lot of exam practice and read technical articles.  Our ACCA F9 course includes all the content that are enough to help you pass your exam in the first attempt.

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10. ACCA SBR - Strategic Business Leader - SBR is one of the most important and also challenging exam among entire ACCA syllabus.  The paper requires a strong grip on IFRS and the application.

The exam tests your knowledge in a wider perspective means every question touches several standards and therefore, it is suggested that students should not leave any part of syllabus and cover everything, focusing more on some complex areas.

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11. ACCA SBL - Strategic Business Leader - SBL is the paper that we usually suggest our students to take as the last paper from ACCA syllabus.  The reason for this is that this paper requires to use your understanding developed from many other syllabus areas.
Exam is a one four hour case study which requires you to write a very well drafted and integrated response to a scenario which is quite similar to real life. Thorough coverage of syllabus, extensive practice of past exam cases and technical articles will help you passing this exam.

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12. About ACCA Dip-IFR Qualification - Diploma in IFRS is a qualification awarded by ACCA UK.  The diploma is globally recognized and is considered very valuable.  This qualification gives you a recognition as an expert to prepare and present financial statements based on IFRS.

In order to take this exam, participants must have a relevant degree in accounting plus two years of working experience in accounting and finance or any bachelors degree plus three years of accounting and finance experience.

Exam takes place twice a year, first week of June and December.

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13. ACCA Dip-IFR Exam Preparation Tips and Techniques - In this video our expert ACCA Dip-IFR trainer explains how to plan your ACCA Dip-IFR exam preparation.

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