Additional Guidance For ACCA Students

This page provides several guidance videos for ACCA students.  We have put together separate short videos on different topics.  You can scroll and watch the videos relevant to your interests and purposes.

ACCA Foundation Diploma

For students who wish to start the ACCA Foundation Diploma.  Watch carefully to understand the requirements and the exam papers included in the ACCA AFD qualification.

ACCA Professional Qualification

For students who are beginning their ACCA Professional Qualification.
You can find out the structure, eligibility, and exam papers you need to pass, along with the exam preparation strategies.

Time Needed to Complete the Qualification

It is always a good idea to quantify the efforts required to complete a task.  In this video, our expert trainer explains how to estimate the time and effort required to prepare for your next ACCA exam.

ACCA Exam Preparation Techniques 

Common Mistakes by Students.  If you are preparing for ACCA exams, then you must watch this video till end and avoid making mistakes, which are common to most ACCA students.  

Vertex Learning Solutions Offers 

ACCA students have one of the best online exam preparation platform.  Our courses are complete in all respects, with a lot of support materials and we provide active tutor support until your exam day.

ACCA Individual Courses

Full Access Subscription Plans 

Our Subscription Plans offer access to all ACCA courses for better and faster exam preparation as many ACCA courses are linked to each other.  
You can get monthly / quarterly / annual subscription plans to get access to over 2000 ACCA videos and other exam preparation content.

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