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Since 2007, more than 28,000 delegates from over 75 countries have benefited from our exam focused and result oriented exam preparation courses. Our staff and students come from different nations, united in a shared purpose, to make a better world through education.


ACCA June 2022 
Exam Session Results
We congratulate all of our students who passed their ACCA Exams in June 2022 exam session.
(This list is being updated as we receive more results)

Muteeb Anjum – 76
Akshay Kumar – 71
Hammad Asghar – 70
Ameer Khalıd – 58
Renny Crasto – 64
Anushi Garg – 66
Simona Ntano – 66
Maureen Agwana - 51

Petro Yavorskyi – 81
Mangiru Marin – 77
Simona Ntano 74
Sascha Herget – 73
Jemil Sherzad - 70
Hamza Waseem – 67
Laura Bermingham – 61
Abdul Basıt

Aishwarya Takekar – 83
Harmeet Singh Virdi – 82
Abhay Jindal – 79
Emily Katharine – 77
Vignesh Krish – 76
Jessica Burrowes – 75
Archana Vijayasekaran – 72
Petro Yavorskyi – 69
Noir Nour – 69
Duaa Shahbaz – 68
Iqra Hanıf – 57
Rony Stephen  

Sagar Parekh  
Teopolina Nghishiyolo  
Hammad Asghar – 62
Muhammad Bılal Kareem Ashısh  

Ravi Jethwani – 84
Ahmed Alhaddad – 71
Muhammad Usman Shahid
Ansh Sabharwal – 69
Pooja Kumarı – 68
Hammad Asghar – 68
Muhammad Bılal – 65
Gugulethu Moyo – 64
Saboor Ahmad – 55
Ashısh Basnyat
Foday Sandy

Micah Barnes – 76
Ayla Jeferova – 74
Ananda Kumar – 71
Therina Olivia Rajaturai – 71
Kanıka Madan – 67
Joel Mathew John – 67
Hammad Asghar – 60
Abhash Agarwal – 64

Ebose Charles Nicholas – 71
Muhammad Amjad Kareem – 67
Mustafa Gaı – 64
Praneel Nag – 65
Ahsan Iftıkhar – 64
Nıkıta Pareek – 76
Kamal Sahni – 54
Chi Ming Poon – 57
Paleo Lithic – 52
Ubaıd Ullah  

Mohammed Fouad – 68
Shannon Pereira – 61
Stanley Nwanekezie – 58
Shittu Mohammed – 71
Sarita Khadka - 57
Alamzeb – 53
Deepthi Malla – 50
Sumit Gupta 52
Rizel Palamine – 56
Bello Adam

Kıran Mohan – 51
Manvır Bınnıng Hedwig Larkai – 68
Sattar Khoso – 64
Oli Nardi - 62

Ruhıt Sehgal – 76
Khushboo Mundra - 75
Syed Ali Danish Bukhari – 72
Jıneesh - 72
Srılatha – 72
Somil Kumar – 70
Mohit Kumar – 69
Mohd Ahmed Kapadia – 66
Vijaykumar Gupta – 66
Paritosh Chatterji – 63
Kamran Kuru – 62
Husnı Mubarak – 61
Alibek Kusmanov – 65
Stefan Debackere - 63
Tho Lee Kin – 58
Stephen Arhin – 57
Natalia Chebanova – 51
Sanchit Poddar
Bhanu Kumar
Barry O Donnell  

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CMA (USA) is one of the fastest growing international qualification for accounting and finance professionals. There are two parts and the certification can be achieved within one year.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer ACCA courses in three options.  Complete Learning Packs, ACCA Subscription Plans and Short Revision Courses.

1. ACCA Complete Learning Packs includes detailed lectures for complete syllabus, question and solution videos, online quizzes, chapter notes, one final mock exam PLUS tutor support until your exam day.

2. "ACCA Subscriptions Plans" are available in monthly, quarterly or annual options.  Subscription plans give students access to ALL Thirteen ACCA Complete Learning Packs.  Annual Subscription plans are effective as well as economical if you wish to revise past knowledge or if you wish to take three or more exams in one year.  

3. ACCA Short Revision Courses include question and solution videos, short notes and online quizzes.  These are suitable if you have covered the syllabus lectures before and if you do not need tutor support.

All of our courses are delivered in maximum detail covering every aspect of the syllabus.  Most courses are approximately around 75 hours. Approximately 50% covers topic lectures and 50% of question videos. 

We provide students with all the necessary resources to pass their ACCA exams.

We have been providing tuition to ACCA students since 2008.  Our pass rates exceed the global average pass rates announced by ACCA.  Please see the reviews and feedback of our students.

1. The course page (which you want to enroll) -
2. Our Facebook page results and reviews -
3. Trustpilot -

No.  All resources are provided by Vertex.

We believe that by just providing the content the job is not done.  Therefore, we try to engage our students in different ways;

1.  Day by Study Plans - Our detailed study plans provide detailed guidance on how to prepare for your exams.  Following the "Day by Day" study plan makes sure that you will  complete the preparation well in time without missing any key area.

2. Online community - students can post comments under each lecture and get response

3. WhatsApp groups - We have very active WhatsApp groups where students and tutors interact with each other

4. Free Webinars - We arrange several free webinars in the last month before exam.  These webinars are very helpful in concluding your course and getting ready for the final exams.

There are several reasons why ACCA students from over 75 countries prefer Vertex.

1. Our ACCA courses include maximum content that you could find online.
2. Lectures are explained very well by our experienced tutors.  See the demo lectures yourself.
3. All courses include exam focused detailed notes, online quizzes and one final mock exam.
4. You get outstanding tutor support on Telegram or WhatsApp groups.
5. Once enrolled with Vertex, you do not need any other resource for your ACCA exam preparation.