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CIMA E1 - Managing Finance in a Digital World

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CIMA E1 - Managing Finance in a Digital World

CIMA Paper E1 examines the roles that finance plays in organisations and why. It describes in detail the activities that finance professionals perform to fulfil these roles. Consequently, it is the foundation of the whole qualification and answers the question: what do finance professionals do and why? It provides links with other topics within the subject and what is covered in other areas of the Operational Level.

A. Role of the finance function 
B. Technology in a digital world 
C. Data and information in a digital world 
D. Shape and structure of the finance function 
E. Finance interacting with the organisation

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CIMA E1 - Course Overview

Our expert CIMA trainer for CIMA P1, Ms. Liliya Kiriylenka, explains about the exam syllabus, structure, types of questions and exam tips and techniques.

Lecture Videos

Comprehensive yet easy-to-understand lecture videos provide complete coverage of the exam syllabus.  

Practice Question Videos

Videos for exam questions from practice kit and previous exam questions. Explanations are included for all answer.

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Our exam focused short notes are up to date and well prepared by our experts. These notes are a best for exam revision.

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Online quizzes & Mock Exams help identify knowledge gaps as well as they are a source of quick learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Role of the finance function - 20%
1. The roles of the finance function in organisations
2. The activities that finance professionals perform to fulfil the roles

B. Technology in a digital world - 20%
1. Technologies that affect business and finance
2. How the finance function uses digital technologies to fulfil its roles

C. Data and information in a digital world - 20%
1. Data and the finance function
2. Data to create and preserve value for organisations

D. Shape and structure of the finance function - 20%
1. The structure and shape of the finance function
2. What each level of the finance function does

E. Finance interacting with the organisation - 20%
1. The finance function’s relationship to operations
2. The finance function’s relationship to sales and marketing

Complete syllabus videos
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Tutor slides
Detailed notes
Online quizzes
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Our exam preparation package includes all the resources that you need to prepare and pass your exam. You will not need any other resoucres from any other source.

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In order to study this module, you must have completed one of the following: - CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting - Degree in Business or Accounting - AAT Technician/Diploma Level 4

This course is offered on a distance learning basis, with access to required study materials and unlimited support from your personal tutor via email. Study at your own pace, wherever and whenever you choose.

Assessment During this course you will complete a number of progress tests and mock exams in preparation for your exam. You will need to sit an exam at the end of this module in order to achieve a pass in the Management Accounting E1 module.  You will sit a computer based objective test comprising of a range of questions types. Exams are not included in the cost of this course. You will need to book your exams directly with CIMA.

Course Curriculum

Liliya Kirylenka (FCCA) is a qualified and experienced accounting and finance professional.  She has over a decade of experience working in one of the Big Four audit firms in assurance and financial advisory.  Liliya has also worked in a senior management position  and served in a multinational organization as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) She has excellent proven track record as an accounting professional.

Liliya Kirylenka is a nationwide position holder in her ACCA professional qualification in ACCA AFM (P4) exam.  Since 2017, she has been teaching different papers from ACCA qualification.  She has profound interest in Financial Management, Performance Management and Financial Reporting. 

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