CIMA P2 - Advanced Management Accounting

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CIMA P2: Advanced Management Accounting
With a primary focus on the long term, CIMA P2 expands upon P1's insights into costs and their drivers to offer the competencies required for cost analysis, planning, and management in order to support the organization's strategy's implementation.

 It demonstrates how to oversee and manage the operations of different organisational units in accordance with both short- and long-term strategies.   P2 discusses how to make investing decisions and the hazards involved. It serves as the foundation for gaining a deeper understanding of the numerous risk categories that have an impact on an organization's strategy and operations (covered in P3). 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Context of Management Accounting (10%)
Explain the purpose of management accounting and the role of the Management Accountant.
Explain the role of CIMA as a professional body for Management Accountants.  

Costing (25%)
Demonstrate cost identification and classification.
Apply absorption costing and marginal costing.  

Planning and Control (30%)
Prepare budgets for planning and control.
Apply variance analysis to reconcile budgeted and actual profits in a marginal format.
Calculate appropriate financial and non-financial performance measures.
Prepare accounts and reports for managers.  

Decision making (35%)
Demonstrate the impact of risk.
Demonstrate the use of appropriate techniques for short-term decision making.
Demonstrate the use of appropriate techniques for long-term decision making.

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In order to study this module, you must have completed one of the following: - CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting - Degree in Business or Accounting - AAT Technician/Diploma Level 4

This course is offered on a distance learning basis, with access to required study materials and unlimited support from your personal tutor via email. Study at your own pace, wherever and whenever you choose.

Assessment During this course you will complete a number of progress tests and mock exams in preparation for your exam. You will need to sit an exam at the end of this module in order to achieve a pass in the Management Accounting P1 module.  You will sit a computer based objective test comprising of a range of questions types. Exams are not included in the cost of this course. You will need to book your exams directly with CIMA.

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CIMA P2 - Advanced Performance Management

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