IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards

In 2001 the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) replaced the IASC with a remit to bring about convergence between national accounting standards through the development of global accounting standards. During its first meeting the new Board adopted existing IAS and Standing Interpretations Committee standards (SICs).

The IASB has continued to develop standards calling the new standards "International Financial Reporting Standards" (IFRS) In 2002 the European Union (EU) agreed that, from 1 January 2005, International Financial Reporting Standards would apply for the consolidated accounts of the EU listed companies, bringing about the introduction of IFRS to many large entities.

About IFRS Diploma By ACCA (ACCA Dip-IFR)

ACCA Dip-IFR is a diploma qualification by ACCA.  It has one exam.  Exam is held twice a year in the first week of June and December.
  The three hours comprehensive exam consists of four questions of 25 marks each.  
Exam is conducted by ACCA and results are announced in six weeks time.
Upon passing the exam (pass marks are 50%) candidates are awarded by a Diploma by ACCA UK and which is
recognized in over 140 countries in the world.

This diploma is considered very valuable by employers globally and it enhances not only your knowledge but also
strengthens your CV and gives a boost to your career in Accountancy.

Who Should Apply For This Course  
This qualification is very much suitable for those accounting professionals who want to get a globally recognized diploma in IFRS yet do not want to take all
thirteen ACCA exams.    

Learning Outcome  
Upon completion, participants develop knowledge and skills in understanding and applying International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) the conceptual
framework in the preparation of financial statements of entities, including consolidated financial statements.

Course Study Options With Vertex
We have two course options for ACCA Dip-IFR by the same tutor.  

1. On Demand (Pre Recorded) course with active tutor support, or

2. Live Online Interactive Course
(For details for both course options please see below)

Course options

We offer ACCA Dip-IFR course in two options.

. Pre Recorded Course - Our pre recorded course is complete in all respects covering entire syllabus with extensive exam question videos.  It is suitable for those who have some background in IFRS, have studied IFRS before or want flexibility in terms of schedule and speed
2. Live Online Course is suitable for people who have little or no IFRS background  or need more discipline to pass this exam.  It is a suitable option as you regulalry meet the tutor and discuss your questions. The downside is that you need to adjust your schedule according to live sessions time, though you will have access to recordings of live sessions in case you miss any session.
Note: In both options, participants get connected with the tutor on WhatsApp group to ask any querries they might have.

Pre Recorded

Complete Exam Success Course


Live Online

Complete Exam Success Course


Why You Should  Choose ACCA Dip-IFR Course With Vertex Learning ?  

Vertex Learning is proud to have engaged Mr. Syed M Ali.

Mr. Syed Ali is one of the first trainer for Dip-IFR in international market ever since this diploma was introduced by ACCA.

He is a corporate trainer and has provided IFRS training to over 200 corporate clients including Fortune 500 companies. His IFRS training course is a global best seller IFRS Course and is used by companies such as Amazon, Volkswagen, Disney,  NestlĂ©, Reliance Group, Toyota Motors Vodafone and many others.

During the last fifteen years he has taught thousands of professional accountants and have helped them in securing their  ACCA Diploma in IFRS.

He has exam focused approach and helps his students to pass the exam in the very first attempt.   The exam preparation consists of covering complete syllabus,  extensive exam practice questions, short notes and active tutor support.   He also shares with his students valuable exam preparation and passing techniques.


Exam Date: Exam are held twice a year in June and December.
Who Can Take Exam: To sit in the exam, participants must have relevant working experience.
1. Two years accounting experience with a relevant qualification in accounting.
2. Three years work experience.

1. A relevant degree in accounting plus two years' work experience accounting related field; or

  • 3. Three years work experience in accounting related field; or
  • 3. ACCA affiliate status; or
  • 4. ACCA certificate in International Financial Reporting plus two years' work experience.

ACCA Dip IFR exam is held twice a year, first week of June and December.  Exam fee changes slightly from term to term.  In most countries, the exam fee was 185 GBP in last session, payable directly to ACCA.

The exam consists of four 25 marks.
1 question for 25 marks from group accounts / consolidation
3 questions for 25 marks each scenario questions involving understand and application of different IAS and IFRS

Registration process is quite simple and students can register themselves directly on ACCA website.  If you are taking exam for the first time then you should start the registration process approximately ten weeks in advance.  Following documents are required.

Documents required
1. Scanned photo - standard passport size
2. Copy of your national ID card or passport. It must be attested by notary.  If the document is not in English language then it must be translated and attested.
3. Copy of your last education qualification.  Minimum bachelors degree.  If the document is not in English language then it must be translated and attested.
4. Experience certificate from your employer, signed and stamped, showing that you have three years working experience in accounting and finance department.  If in your current job you have less than three experience then you must also get a letter from previous employer making a total of minimum three years experience.  The language on the letter could be very simple, just mentioning your name and period of employment and department.  No more details are required.

Registration process
Once you have all of these documents scanned with you then you can visit accaglobal.com and register yourself.  During registration process the system will ask you to add credit card details but will not deduct the amount.  Amount will only be deducted once your application is approved and they register you as a student for which you will receive an email with student ID.  This process takes approximately ten working days.

Exam booking
Once you are a registered student for ACCA DipIFR with your student ID, you can login to ACCA website and press MY ACCA and then add your ID and password and then book your exam choosing the exam session and the exam center near to you.
You are all setup for your exam.

During the live sessions the students and tutor join the live class using zoom.  All topics are explained by the tutor during live class.  Students have an opportunity to ask questions to the tutor directly during the class.

These lessons are recorded and uploaded to the course page where students can watch again for revision purposes or if they missed the live session.  All students are added to WhatsApp group where they can freely interact with the tutor and ask questions.

Students will have access to recordings of live lessons for a period of two years for revision of knowledge and get benefit from the IFRS knowledge.

All students get access to Vertex Professional Community.  It is a forum built in on our site where students share posts, discuss questions and concepts from syllabus and these post threads become valuable archive for other students to go through while preparing those topics and see the questions raised in past and how the tutors and other students responded to those questions. Indeed very helpful.

Our ACCA courses are prepared and conducted by ACCA professional trainers.  Our past results since 2007 have been outstanding.  The teaching style is very exam focused and students who follow the instructions and guidelines given by the tutor have very high pass rates. 

Live Online lessons will start from 26.06.2021 and the finish on 15.11.2021.  During this period of four and half months entire syllabus shall be covered during live classes along with doing past exam papers for the last three years, total 6 exam papers. 

Twice a week - Two hours on weekday evening and three hours on weekend, making it five hours per week. Total duration of training course is 70 hours.