ACCA Foundation Diploma - Four Papers (Urdu / Hindi)

Access to Four Papers - FA1, MA1, FA2 & MA2

ACCA Foundation Diploma in Urdu and Hindi Language

The ACCA Foundation Four Pack (Urdu / Hindi) includes the first four papers from the ACCA Foundation Diploma.
If you are planning to start your ACCA qualification, then this combo course is exactly what you need to start.  You get the first four foundation diploma courses with detailed content, question videos, short notes, online quizzes, a day-by-day study plan, and active tutor support until your exam day.

We help you pass your ACCA  exams in the first attempt

When you take your ACCA exam preparation courses with Vertex, you get detailed content covering every part of the syllabus and a lot of exam question videos with explanations, short notes, online quizzes, a day-by-day study plan to follow, and active tutor support over Telegram and WhatsApp groups to answer your queries.

1. Lecture Videos

Comprehensive yet easy-to-understand lecture videos provide complete coverage of the exam syllabus.  

2. Practice Question Videos

Question practise videos with detailed explanations from practise kits as well as from past exam papers.

3. Complete Notes

Use our exam-focused, complete notes to avoid reading lengthy study texts of six to seven hundred pages

4. Online Quizzes & Mocks

Online quizzes & Mock Exams help identify knowledge gaps as well as they are a source of quick learning.

5. Customized Study Plan

We offer customized Study Plan for full time students as well as working professionals.  Study at your pace.

6. Active Tutor Support

The challenging ACCA syllabus requires tutor support and thus it is an essential part of exam preparation.

ACCA Exam Preparation Requires Well Structured Study Plan

Many students do cover most of the syllabus and try to do their best, however, they end up with unsuccessful exam result.  The reason is that they do not realise that passing the ACCA exam is not only about learning the subject itself only; it does have other elements too.

Based on our experience of almost two decades, we divide the exam preparation process into three stages: learning, practise,  and testing.  All students must allocate their time very intelligently among these three stages with the most appropriate and exam focused resources.

Stage 1: Learning
We provide all the resources that are necessary to pass your ACCA exams on the first attempt.  This includes detailed topic videos, extensive exam question videos, detailed study notes, active tutor support, and weekly live sessions.

Stage 2: Practise
The second stage is practising for the exam.  We provide exam practise videos as part of the learning pack, and we also engage students by assigning them extra questions, assignments, and weekly tasks to enhance exam preparation.

Stage 3: Testing
The last stage in the exam preparation process is testing.  Our efficient testing system includes quizzes, progress tests, and final mock exams with tutor feedback and reviews to identify knowledge gaps.

"Study plans are road maps for exam preparation."

Study plans are road maps for your exam preparation. Our system creates a realistic study plan that is customised to your needs. Select the types of topics, days of the week, time allocation per day, course start date, and end date, and the system will generate the plan for you. This is the best way to finish preparation in time.

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Following four courses are included in the package

Lectures Videos:  App 38 Hours
Tutor Slides:  Yes
Online Quizzes:  Every Chapter
Tutor Support:  Active Support
Final Mock:  One Included
Access Period:  4 or 6 Months
Pre Exam Sessions:  Yes 

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Video Lectures:  App 36 Hours
Tutor Slides:  Yes
Online Quizzes:  Every Chapter
Tutor Support:  Active Support
Final Mock:  One Included
Access Period:  4 or 6 Months
Pre Exam Sessions:  Yes 

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Video Lectures:  App 47 Hours Slides:  Yes
Online Quizzes:  Every Chapter
Tutor Support:  Active Support
Final Mock:  One Included
Access Period:  4 or 6 Months
Pre Exam Sessions:  Yes 

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Lectures Videos:  App 54 Hours
Tutor Slides:  Yes
Online Quizzes:  Every Chapter
Tutor Support:  Active Support
Final Mock:  One Included
Access Period:  4 or 6 Months
Pre Exam Sessions:  Yes 

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Course Pricing

  • ACCA Foundation Diploma

    $149 USD

    Four Courses (FA1/ MA1/ FA2/ MA2)

  • Includes first four complete courses - Urdu - Hindi Language
  • Access and tutor support for nine months
  • Detailed video lectures covering complete syllabus
  • Video lectures for exam questions and solutions
  • Exam focused short notes
  • Online time constrained quizzes with solutions
  • Online community board to discuss topics
  • WhatsApp group to access the tutor
  • Regular update on materials
  • Final Mock Exam
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