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ACCA FR (F7) - Financial Reporting

Complete Learning Pack With Tutor Support

Video Lectures: App 44 Hours
Question Videos: App 36 Hours
Tutor Slides: Yes
Detailed Notes: Text Book & Detailed Tutor Notes
Online Quizzes: Every Chapter
Tutor Support: Active Support
Final Mock: One Included
Access Period: 1 or 2 Exam Sessions
Pre Exam Live Sessions: Yes

ACCA FR (F7) - Course Overview  

You'll develop knowledge and skills in understanding and applying accounting standards and the theoretical framework in the preparation of financial statements of entities, including groups and how to analyse and interpret those financial statements.  

ACCA FR (F7) is the first exam paper which introduces to you with financial reporting under IFRS.  This paper also becomes very important as this forms your foundation for the ACCA SBR Strategic Business Reporting which is the next most important paper within ACCA syllabus for financial reporting.  

An important factor in ACCA FR exam success is the underpinning knowledge from Financial Accounting (FA) To help you get the best possible start to your studies, we have added relevant lectures from our ACCA FA (F3) syllabus on your ACCA FR page.

Our FR exam preparation course is up to date for exams until June 2023. The course covers entire syllabus in detail with extensive exam practice questions and it comes with Active Tutor Support.

We help you pass your ACCA FR (F7) exam in the first attempt.

When you get enrolled in ACCA FR (Financial Reporting) tuition course with Vertex, you get detailed content covering every part of the syllabus, a lot of exam question videos with explanation, short notes, Day by Day study plan to follow PLUS active tutor support over Telegram and WhatsApp group to answer your queries.

We actively engage our students until the exam day.

There are several reasons why ACCA students from over 80 countries prefer Vertex Learning Solutions.

1. Our ACCA courses include maximum content that you could find online.
2. Lectures are explained very well by our experienced tutors.  See the demo lectures.
3. All courses include exam focused detailed notes, online quizzes and one final mock exam.
4. You get outstanding tutor support on Telegram or WhatsApp groups.
5. Once enrolled with Vertex, you do not need any other resource for your ACCA exam preparation.

We offer ACCA courses in three options.  Complete Learning Packs, ACCA Subscription Plans and Short Revision Courses.

1. ACCA Complete Learning Packs includes detailed lectures for complete syllabus, question and solution videos, online quizzes, chapter notes, one final mock exam PLUS tutor support until your exam day.

2. "ACCA Subscriptions Plans" are available in monthly, quarterly or annual options.  Subscription plans give students access to ALL Thirteen ACCA Complete Learning Packs.  Annual Subscription plans are effective as well as economical if you wish to revise past knowledge or if you wish to take three or more exams in one year.  About Subscription Plans
3. ACCA Short Revision Courses include question and solution videos, short notes and online quizzes.  These are suitable if you have covered the syllabus lectures before and if you do not need tutor support.  About Short Revision Courses

All of our courses are delivered in maximum detail covering every aspect of the syllabus.  Most courses are approximately around 75 hours covering complete syllabus with extensive exam question videos. 

We provide students with all the necessary resources to pass their ACCA exams.

We have been providing tuition to ACCA students since 2008.  Our pass rates exceed the global average pass rates announced by ACCA.  Please see the reviews and feedback of our students.

1. The course page (which you want to enroll)
2. Our Facebook page results and reviews - https://www.facebook.com/Vertex786
3. Trustpilot - https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/vls-online.com?utm_medium=trustbox&utm_source=MicroReviewCount

We believe that by just providing the content the job is not done.  Therefore, we try to engage our students in different ways;

1.  Day by Study Plans - Our detailed study plans provide detailed guidance on how to prepare for your exams.  Following the "Day by Day" study plan makes sure that you will  complete the preparation well in time without missing any key area.

2. Online community - students can post comments under each lecture and get response

3. WhatsApp groups - We have very active WhatsApp groups where students and tutors interact with each other

4. Free Webinars - We arrange several free webinars in the last month before exam.  These webinars are very helpful in concluding your course and getting ready for the final exams.

Create your own customized study plan !

"Study plans are road maps for exam preparation."

Study plans are crucial to successful exam preparation.  All goals are achieved through a sound and realistic road map.  Study plans are road maps for your exam preparation.

Our system creates a realistic study plan which is customized to your needs.  Select the types of topic, days of the week, time allocation per day, course start date and end date and the system will generate the plan for you.

This is the best way to finish preparation in time.

ACCA Engage Program - Pass Assurance

ACCA Engage Program is an additional feature. Students can enroll in any course and then add Engage Program as course enhancement by paying for it separately.

Engage provides Pass Assurance on certain ACCA courses. Pass Assurance simply means You Pass or We Pay.  In case of an unsuccessful exam result, Vertex Learning will pay their ACCA Exam Fee for the next exam attempt as well as provide the same course for free.  


Our students show outsanding results in ACCA final exms. See results & reviews.

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Mina Firdous

Financial Reporting

Well explained concepts, best test service, and tutor support. Highly recommended!

2 weeks ago
Fatmata Jarieu Barrie


This is my first time here but honestly the teaching is good. The teacher come down to our level to make us understand. Am happy joining you.

3 weeks ago
Linish Jacob

Best F7 course

This is my third course with Vertex. before I studied f4 and f3. Passed both of them. Now took exam in March 2023 for F7 and I hope to pass.

3 weeks ago
M.Umar Hayat M.Hayat

Efforts of Sir Ali.

The method of Sir Ali for teaching is very understandable,easy and concise. May Allah bless Sir Ali for his remarkable efforts for us.

4 weeks ago
Wajahat Hassan

Very detailed course

This is the best online course I have taken so far. Very detailed and conceptual explanation. I am happy to find this site. Thanks VLS team.

1 month ago
Feras Abuqattam Abuqattam

Highly recommended VLS ACCA courses

Highly recommended VLS ACCA courses

2 months ago
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