ACCA LW (F4) - (English) Corporate and Business Law

Complete Learning Pack With Tutor Support

Video Lectures: App 32 Hours
Question Videos: App 44 Hours
Tutor Slides: Yes
Detailed Notes: Text Book & Detailed Tutor Notes
Online Quizzes: Every Chapter
Tutor Support: Active Support
Final Mock: One Included
Access Period: 1 or 2 Exam Sessions
Pre Exam Live Sessions: Yes

Course Overview

You'll develop knowledge and skills in the understanding of the general legal framework and of specific legal areas relating to business, recognising the need to seek further specialist legal advice where necessary.

The aim of the Corporate and Business Law syllabus is to develop a core level of knowledge and skills around a general legal framework in the context of business.  We help you pass your ACCA LW (F4) exam on the first attempt. 

When you take your ACCA LW (F4) course with Vertex, you get detailed content covering every part of the syllabus, a lot of exam question videos with explanations, short notes, online quizzes, a day-by-day study plan to follow, plus active tutor support over Telegram and WhatsApp groups to answer your queries.

Our F4 exam preparation course is up-to-date for exams until December 2024. The course covers the entire syllabus in detail with extensive exam practise questions, and it comes with active tutor support.


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▶  Lecture Videos For Complete Syllabus
▶  Extensive Practice Question Videos
▶  Complete Study Notes
▶  Customized Study Plan With Mobile App
▶  Chapter by Chapter Quizzes
▶  Weekly Assignments and Progress Tests
▶  Active Tutor Support over WhatsApp Group
▶  Weekly Live Session for Additional Practice
▶  Final Mock Exam


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Course Content

Course Pricing

  • ACCA LW (F4) UK-Corporate and Bus Law - Standard
  • $75 USD

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  • Four months access
  • Detailed video lectures on complete syllabus
  • Exam focused short notes
  • Online time constrained quizzes with solutions
  • Online community board to discuss topics
  • Telegram group to access the tutor
  • Regular update on materials
  • Final Mock Exam