ACCA FA (F3) - Final Mock Exams

Three Complete Mock Exams of Two Hours Each

About ACCA FA (F3) Mock Exams

The ACCA's FA (F3) Financial Accounting syllabus serves as the foundation for these mock exams. The entire mock is computer-based, and results are issued instantly.

The system also instantly sends the answers to the mock questions to the students' email addresses.
35 Questions of 2 Marks Each mark: 70 marks
3 Questions of 10 Marks Each: 30 Marks
Total: 100 Marks
Pass Marks: 50 Marks
Time Allowed: 2 Hours

Instant Result By Email 

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  • ACCA FA (F3) - Financial Accounting
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  • You will attempt three full scale mock exams
  • Each mock exam is structured as ACCA official exam
  • You get your score immediately as you complete and submit each exam
  • You get final solution sent to your email for each mock exam