CMA - Part 1 Complete Notes

Complete Notes For Exams Until May - June 2024

About CMA: Complete Notes

Most of the CMA students are working professionals, and they don't have time to go through the lengthy study texts.

 Apart from the fact that the study texts of most of the official publishers are lengthy, they do not directly answer the Learning Outcome Statement (LOS) questions.  After a lot of research and effort, our team has come up with this smart book that directly answers the LOS questions, so students know from the very beginning what they are preparing from the syllabus.  

This book can be used with our Complete Learning Pack and is an excellent resource for all the CMA aspirants who are looking for something to the point—not so lengthy, not so concise.  It will significantly increase your chances of passing the CMA exams on your first attempt, as you will be able to answer all of the LOS questions in a confident manner.

What do you get?

1: PDF Book Format
You can download these notes as one complete PDF book. These notes are carefully designed with hyperlinks on each page for ease of browsing.

2: eBook Format
You can also view the notes online as an eBook with very useful functions such as "Search, HD Quality Zoom, Go To Page, and Multiple Pages on Screen."

1. Detailed and comprehensive; exam-focused
2. Prepared by our professional academic team
3. A complete resource to prepare for your next CMA exams
3. It substitutes the lengthy study texts

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CMA Part 1 Complete Notes

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