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ACCA APM - Advanced Performance Management - Revision Course

Practice Question Videos With Solutions For Revision

Course Overview

Our revision courses are for those students who have prepared for exam in past, believe that they do not need to go through the detailed topic (chapter) lectures again, and have concluded that they need to focus ONLY on practice questions from practice kit (mostly BPP) or past exam papers with explanations.  This course has been created for students who have above in mind.
This ACCA APM revision course includes only exam practice question videos with detialed explanation.  This is a short yet comprehensive course focused on last month preparation.  It includes ACCA APM questions from different syllabus areas. All questions have been explained in detail by our tutor
making reference to the relevant knowledge areas.

As an additional give away it includes topic by topic quizes to assess your readiness before you go to the actual exam.
It is designed for those students who;
1. Have completed self study and now need some additional support.
2. Have prepared from somewhere else but wish to further practice their knowledge.
3. Are retaking ACCA AFM Exam

The course includes;
Question lecture videos with detailed explanations from all important syllabus areas.
Downloadable excel files for question solutions.
Online Quizzes for all chapters.

If you are preparing for the first time, then you should enrol in complete ACCA AFM course. Click the link below.

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Course Curriculum


Liliya Kirylenka (FCCA) is a qualified and experienced accounting and finance professional.  She has over a decade of experience working in one of the Big Four audit firms in assurance and financial advisory.  Liliya has also worked in a senior management position  and served in a multinational organization as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) She has excellent proven track record as an accounting professional.

Liliya Kirylenka is a nationwide position holder in her ACCA professional qualification in ACCA AFM (P4) exam.  Since 2017, she has been teaching different papers from ACCA qualification.  She has profound interest in Financial Management, Performance Management and Financial Reporting. 

Course Pricing

  • ACCA APM Revision Course - Dec 2023 exam session

    $65 USD

    Self Study Revision Course

  • Access until Dec 2023 session
  • Question and solution videos with explanation
  • Downloadable excel files for solved questions
  • Downloadable tutor revision slides for syllabus
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