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ACCA APM - Advanced Performance Management

Complete Course With Tutor Support

The Advanced Performance Management (APM) exam looks at different types of performance management systems which can be employed by organisations.

In performance management systems, we include techniques such as budgeting, variance analysis, balanced scorecards and other such techniques used by organisations to manage their performance so they can plan and control their activities better. It also covers areas such as remuneration schemes for management and employees which attempt to motivate them to work towards the objectives of the organisation.  

While performance management systems are covered in PM, at APM additional models of performance management are included such as value based models, corporate failure models and other strategic performance models like the performance pyramid. In addition, candidates must be able to advise on what type of systems are relevant to a particular organisation. 

Overview of ACCA APM by our expert trainer Liliya Kirylenka

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All of our courses are delivered in maximum detail covering every aspect of the syllabus.  Most courses are approximately around 75 hours covering complete syllabus with extensive exam question videos. 

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Aishwarya Jain Jain

Experienced and Professional tutors

This course is really good, Mrs Liliya is very experienced and gives insight on how the examiner is expecting the answer in each lecture.

3 weeks ago
Yoshna Ramyead Ramyead

All you need knowledge and practice

Mrs Liliya is a very experienced tutor and knows what she is doing when it comes to teaching. This course offers value for money for the extensive knowledge and practice questions included. All in one.

3 weeks ago


Very well delivered by a professional APM tutor.

3 months ago


A comprehensive and very well structured course. The tutor touched all areas of syllabus and provided good explanations and practice exam questions.

4 months ago
Abdirahman Mohamed Ahmed


Very comprehensive course with detailed explnations and lots of practice exam questions solved and explained by the tutor.

5 months ago
Jibin Shakeer

Excellent Program

Very professionally delivered by Ms. Liliya. She is a truely an expert for this challenging ACCA exam paper. I have taken exam in March 2023 and waiting for my result. Hopefully I will pass.

6 months ago

Liliya Kirylenka (FCCA) is a qualified and experienced accounting and finance professional.  She has over a decade of experience working in one of the Big Four audit firms in assurance and financial advisory.  Liliya has also worked in a senior management position  and served in a multinational organization as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) She has excellent proven track record as an accounting professional.

Liliya Kirylenka is a nationwide position holder in her ACCA professional qualification in ACCA AFM (P4) exam.  Since 2017, she has been teaching different papers from ACCA qualification.  She has profound interest in Financial Management, Performance Management and Financial Reporting. 

Course Pricing

  • ACCA APM - Dec 2023 Attempt

    $140 USD

    Complete Online Course With Tutor Support

  • Access will be availlable until Dec 2023 session
  • Detailed video lectures on complete syllabus
  • Video lectures for exam questions and solutions
  • Exam focused short notes
  • Online community board to discuss topics
  • WhatsApp - Telegram group to access the tutor
  • Regular update on materials
  • Pre exam sessions
  • Final mock exam
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  • ACCA APM - March 2024 Attempt

    $170 USD

    Complete Online Course With Tutor Support

  • Access will be available until March 2024 Attempt
  • Detailed video lectures on complete syllabus
  • Video lectures for exam questions and solutions
  • Exam focused short notes
  • Online community board to discuss topics
  • WhatsApp - Telegram group to access the tutor
  • Regular update on materials
  • Pre exam sessions
  • Final mock exam
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