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ACCA APM - Advanced Performance Management

Live Online Course

ACCA APM - Course Overview
The Advanced Performance Management (APM) exam looks at different types of performance management systems which can be employed by organisations.

By performance management systems, we include techniques such as budgeting, variance analysis, balanced scorecards and other such techniques used by organisations to manage their performance so they can plan and control their activities better. It also covers areas such as remuneration schemes for management and employees which attempt to motivate them to work towards the objectives of the organisation.

While performance management systems are covered in PM, at APM additional models of performance management are included such as value based models, corporate failure models and other strategic performance models like the performance pyramid. In addition, candidates must be able to advise on what type of systems are relevant to a particular organisation. Different organisations have different needs, and candidates must be able to understand these, and be aware of the factors that determine what type of management accounting information is needed.

Finally, in APM, there is more detailed discussion of qualitative factors surrounding performance management. Candidates need to have much more depth of knowledge than at PM. So rather than just knowing the rationale of the Balanced Scorecard and being able to recommend goals and measures under the perspectives; in APM, candidates might be asked to evaluate the use of a balanced scorecard in the context of a specific scenario - Source ACCA Website

About Live Online Course
ACCA APM (Advanced Performance Management) has one of the most enjoybale and interesting curriculum among all ACCA exams.
  The syllabus provides interesting opportunities to measure and manage the performance of troubled businesses, identify the problem areas and suggest on improvement measures.  

Join our Live Online group for ACCA APM for Dec 2022 exam session with Mr. Ali Buhari, one of the most experienced trainer for Financial Management
and Performance Management.  Mr. Ali has been helping ACCA students and other accounting and finance professionals for almost two decades
in completing their ACCA qualification as well as growing in their careers.  

The Live Online course will cover the entire syllabus in great detail with an opportunity to connect and relate knowledge to application. It is going to be your most interesting course from the entire ACCA curriculum.  Online classes will be held twice a week, Wednesdays and  Saturdays at 19.30 UAE time.  

Live Lessons Schedule
Live Lessons will be held twice a week.
Wednesday & Saturday
UAE Time 19.30 - 21.30
Course Start Date: 17.06.2022
Course End Date: 05.11.2022

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- All students are gothrough intensive testing system to validate their knowledge through quizzes, progress tests and final mock exam.

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Syed Muhammad Ali has over twenty years of working experience. During the twenty years of his career he has worked in Auditing, Banking, Telecom and Oil and Gas sector in different countries.  He has got tremendous experience in Financial Reporting, Financial Management, Contract Management, Project Finance and Business Management.    

Apart from his professional career, Mr.  Ali has also been actively engaged in training and development of professionals since 2006.  During all these years, thousands of delegates have benefited from his knowledge and expertise.  He has exam focused approach helps his students to pass the exam in the very first attempt.  

He is a corporate trainer and has provided training courses  to over 200 corporate clients including Fortune 500 companies.   His Accounting & Finance Courses are used by companies such as  Amazon, Volkswagen, Disney, Nestl√©, Reliance Group, Toyota Motors, Vodafone and many others.
As a consultant he has worked on several projects including projects funded by the World Bank and the European Union.

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