Payment Options

We offer multiple payment options to our students all over the world. Our students can purchase courses online and pay from any part of the world using our secure mode of payment.  For online payment collection we use Stripe and PayPal.  Stripe is one of the global leaders in payment processing as well as

1. Debit Cards & Credit Cards
We accept all credit cards, including VISA and Master Cards.  All of our courses are priced in US Dollars.  You may have a card in your local currency, however at the time of payment your card issuing bank will automatically convert your local currency to USD.

Debit Cards - Sometimes issuing banks block the debit cards for international payments.  If you are using a debit card, make sure that it is open for international payments. You can call and ask your bank and if needed request them to unblock your debit card for international payments.

We use Stripe to collect payments through debit or credit cards.  Stripe is a global leader in card processing and offers seamless and secure payment processing

2. PayPal
You can also use PayPal to make your payments.

3. Local Cash Transfers
We prefer to receive all payments online.  However, we also realize that in certain countries online payments using debit or credit card or PayPal are sometimes challenging for some individuals.  To facilitate our students, we receive payments though local banks in these countries.  

You can easily pay in local currency through a local bank.  Please note that there is an additional charge of 5% of payment amount for this service to cover the exchange differences and transfer charges.  Local payments are accepted in the following countries.

1. Pakistan
2. India
3. Nepal
4. Afghanistan
5. Ukraine
6. Qatar

Please send an email to [email protected] for local payment details.

4. For Corporate Clients
Corporate clients can pay through a bank transfer in USD, Euro, GBP and AED.  Please send an email to [email protected] for banking details.