Who is for the ACCA Foundation Diploma?

The ACCA Foundation Diploma is designed for those students who do not have a university bachelor's degree or A-level completed.  In this case, they must first complete seven papers from the ACCA Foundation Diploma and then move on to the ACCA Professional Qualification.

It takes approximately one year to complete seven exam papers for the ACCA Foundation Diploma.  However, the benefit is that upon completing the Foundation Diploma, ACCA awards you three exemptions from the ACCA Professional Qualification.  This means that instead of passing 13 exams for ACCA Professional Qualifications, Foundation students will only need to pass ten exams to complete there ACCA Professional Qualification.

After the Foundation Diploma, three exempt papers from ACCA are BT, MA, and FA.

The ACCA Professional Qualification is one of the most respected accounting qualifications in the world. However, to start this qualification, students must have two A-levels and three GCSEs or their equivalent in five separate subjects, including English and math (or equivalent qualifications) or a bachelor's degree from a university.

If you do not have these above qualifications, then you must first complete the ACCA Foundation Diploma, and after that, you can start your ACCA Professional Qualification.

If you are new to ACCA then there must be many questions in your mind that need answers.  We have collected some frequently asked questions below to answer your querries.  If you still have any other question you can send us an email for further information or to book an online meeting.  

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If you have three O Levels or Matriculation or Intermediate or ten years of school education then you can start your ACCA Foundation Diloma.  It is considered as a fast track to ACCA qualification.

After completing Foundation Diploma , you will continue ACCA Qualification from level 2 of ACCA.

There are seven courses in total
1.  FA1 - Recording Financial Transactions
2.  MA1 - Management Information
3.  FA2 - Maintaining Financial Records
4.  MA2 - Managing Costs and Finance
5.  FBT - Foundation in Business and Technology
6.  FMA - Foundation in Management Accounting
7.  FFA - Foundation in Financial Accounting

Once you have completed the Foundation Diploma (seven exams), you will be automatically transferred to the ACCA Qualification and given exemption from the first three exams of knowledge level ACCA BT MA and FA that you would have passed in FIA.

You can start your registration at any time. Your application will take approximately ten days to process.

To register for the Foundation Diploma you will need to start your online application on ACCA website. You will need to select 'Foundations in Accountancy' during the application process. You will need to pay an initial registration fee when you apply.  You will also need to pay an annual subscription fee each year to keep your student status active.
You can request to VERTEX LEARNING assist you with the application process

There‚Äôs no time limit on completing the exams, so you really can fit studying around your work and personal life.  Students normally complete Foundation Diploma in twelve to fifteen months.

You can book your exam after you are done with preparation. Make sure to have an active registered account with ACCA.

Computer-based exams (CBEs) are held for Foundation Diploma. You can sit on these at any time of the year. Simply find a CBE centre near your location (search on Google) and pay them directly to book the exam you wish to sit for.

It is suggested that students who do not have any prior accountancy knowledge they should begin from FA1 or MA1. Therefore, ACCA strongly recommends students take FA1 and MA1 before moving onto FA2 and MA2, and finally to B&T, FMA and FFA.

There are two types ACCA fee :

1.  Initial Student Registration Fee - This is paid once at the time of online registration. It differs from country to country. Minimum registration fee is 45 GBP ( British pounds) and ranges upto 79 GBP.

2. Annual Subscription Fee - This is paid each year to keep registration status active. Currently anyal subscription fee is 112 GBP.
Note : Annual subscription fee is reduced in the year of registration.

Fee can be submitted by an active debit / credit open for international transaction. We at Vertex can also arrange fee transfer for registration purpose . 

The tuition fee for exam preparation varies from institute to institute.  Vertex Learning Solution charges a fee between 60  to 75 USD per course.

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